Just wanted to get some opinions on the lack of testing and how it has affected the entire RGM team. This week, he qualified 12th and is very happy with the performance of the Jim Beam Camry...signs that the no testing rule is helping the little guy!

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I think it is making the playing field a little more even. Everyone starts with the notes from the previous year. Now the multi car teams only have the practices to share information and go from there. I like it, and anything that will give Robby a better chance.
I agree with Paint Chip Eater to a degree-no testing at sanctioned tracks has helped the little guy but I think other than the teams that are only 3 weeks old, everyone, Robby included have been testing somewhere.
Way too early to tell.....
Seems to me that when the opportunities to test arose in the past, RG had something else going on.


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