Who do you think will be the SPONSOR for this weekends race at Auto Club Speedway?

I believe (Hope) that it will be Stater Bros grocery store.

Stater Bros. is operating 167 Supermarkets. Stater Bros. begins its year-long 75th Anniversary Celebration in 2011. Stater Bros. is the largest privately-owned Supermarket Chain in Southern California and the largest private employer in both San Bernardino County and Riverside County.

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I hope it's Stater's too Schuk, however they have pissed off a whole lot of fans by no longer having an infield store...
Carnac the Magnificent
Will, I can tell you what happened with Stater Bro's not having a store in the infield anymore. We became friends with one of the managers that would run the infield store. First off Stater Bro's did not raise any of their prices at the track store. You paid the same price at the track as you did at their local grocery store. I was told this was a huge deal for Stater Bro's to not price gouge the customers. The idea is you would shop at their stores if you knew they were honest with you at the track. The only item Stater Bro's had no price control on was ice. California Speedway set the bag if ice price, and Stater Bro's had to abide by track price gouging for ice.

At the last race we were told that Stater Bro's contract was up and that California Speedway was attempting to increase Stater Bro's contract renewal by more then 30%. Cal Speedway's biggest race is the NASCAR race and they were only going to be having one race from this point on. Also in order to have a store in the infield Stater Bro's was required to be a track sponsor. This all cost huge amounts of money. California Speedway was confident another grocery chain would step in if Staer Bro's did not renew. Stater Bro's wanted to continue, but ISC priced them out of being able too.

Well guess what! Since Stater Bros' did not want to pay ISC and California Speedways 30% + increase and did not renew with Cal Speedway. ISC and Cal Speedway were not able to find another Grocery chain to step in., Now there is NO infield store to support the 1,800 RV spots in the infield!

Dont be made at Stater Bro's, be mad at ISC and California Speedway for be greedy. In case you did not know that they all ready are greedy! The Manager said Stater Bro's Corp wanted to continue, but in this economy you just cant afford to increase your expenses by more then 30%. In the last few weeks we have called the track and told them we are not happy that they are no longer having an infield store. I was told that California Speedway would like to get Stater Bro's back, but will continue to try to find another grocery chain to replace them.


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