Is anyone else going to Charlotte for the Coke 600? I'll be there, staying in downtown Charlotte. Are there any plans for any Planet Robby meetings during race weekend? Is there going to be a tour of RGM on Saturday? Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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I will be there with 2 other friends, I'm flying out on a red eye tonight. We are staying at the Embassy Suites downtown, near the airport. and sitting in section FDB.
if you are staying downtown you should go party at BAR CHARLOTTE while you are in town
Cool! I'm staying at the Embassy Suites and sitting in the Ford grandstand as well! I'll look for BAR CHARLOTTE!
There was no response on a shop tour on Saturday. Just saying.
Did you call the shop?
Shop is closed on Saturday..Everyone will be at track working....
Is Robby going to be at the track anytime signing autographs this weekend???
2 appearances on Saturday. They will be posted on Thursday !
Thanks for the info, my little cousin is new to the world of Robby Gordon, and that is his wish to meet him this weekend!!!! Thanks TOG!!!
So I can assume that the souvenier trailer will be there this weekend too!!! Sorry, was just asked that question as well, he is wanting to purchase him some Robby Gordon, Speed Energy gear as well!!!
Hope everyone has fun! We went to the All Star race there last weekend; skipping the 600.


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