A True Racer and race innovator! Godspeed Sir!

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Truly a great one who will be missed.

RIP Dan Gurney. My Father was his biggest fan.

I have probably told the story here before... Dan Gurney made me a life long motor-sports fan. In the home I grew up in there was one sports hero, one name above all. It is one of my earliest childhood memories, my dad and uncle taking turns carrying me through the pits at Riverside International Raceway. There he was! Sitting on the tailgate of a Ford pick up eating lunch. My dad and uncle chatted with him and whatever other big name at the time that was sitting with him when he noticed the box of red licorice whips that I was clutching. Somehow he convinced me to trade him a piece of my prized licorice for a piece of the fried chicken he was eating. For years afterward my dad and uncle would joke about me eating Dan Gurney's lunch. It was a sad phone call talking to dad about his passing last night, I think I'm going to have fried chicken tonight.


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