I wanted to start a thread so everyone could get to know me a little bit. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Growing up I was always the girl that was more interesting in playing in the dirt then playing dress up. By the age of 8 my dad bought my brother and I our first dirt bike. The first time I ever rode it I floored it and ran straight in to a volleyball post in our back yard. That didn’t stop me though. Burses and cuts where just a part of the fun, I jumped right back on my bike and tried again. Every weekend my family went out riding or to the beach (I can surf too). There is nothing about me that weak or what other like to call prissy. Now my brother and I will go off-roading in his rock crawler on the weekends. I am a very strong and smart girl. Graduating with honors from High school and for my AA. At the moment I am a nursing major. I work hard for what I want, and being Miss SST is something that I know I want. Take way the money and I would still fight to be Miss SST. Modeling isn’t my life, it’s a hobby. I don’t go from contest to contest trying to get my name out there. This is my first and only contest I will be in. I will represent the sport in the highest stander because I love the sport. I will be at the race on Sunday and I hope I will get the chance to meet some of you while I am there.

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Best of luck to you Sandy! Miss SST

Thanks for sharing with us. I wish you good luck in ALL of your future endeavors!

good luck!

Thank you=)

Is there a way of voting for you short of creating a face book account, I don't want the drama, my family and friends have on FB. DB Riverside, Ca.

As far as i know David there is not. But, thank you for wanting to vote for me means a lot!

@David,simply have your family and friend's vote on FaceBook.

HAHA...Dave, I am in the same boat. My goal is to be the last man in the US to have a FB page!! Sorry Sandy...wish there was another way to vote.

No worries! Slanted, knowing that you back me up is good enough for me=)


Thank you FD REBEL :-)


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