How many cars finish on the lead lap.

How many cars DNF.

How many yellow flags.

How many red flags.

How many green white checkered.

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27 Lead lap finishers
10 DNF
6 Yellow flags
1 Red flag
1 green/white
26 lead lap cars
13 DNF
5 Yellows
0 Red
I'm think'n Alan4 was closest followed by Will.
Reply by alan4s on February 18, 2011 at 3:27pm
Delete 20 on the lead lap
12 DNF's
15 Yellows
1 Reg
2 GWC's

19 Lead
13 DNF
16 Yellows
0 Reds
Woo Hoo! ... I think....
must say i was one of the only ones to say 0 reds
Some real close pics here and there. Good Job Alan!


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