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I agree. However, how do you keep good people in the shop that are knowledgeable about Cup cars to build a good car for those 6 races? If going to the race for a S&P paid the bills and kept people employed, what happens when you don't S&P? Are jobs lost and do good people move on to other opportunites?

Like the others I get it, but it worries me that shutting down the Cup team will hurt when it comes time to run Sonoma. Like anything else if you are in a routine and practice on weekly basis you get better, but the first time you go out after missing a couple of months, there is definitely some rust that needs to be worked out. I just hope that this is not the death of the #7 car. If it is, than maybe Robby can rent the #33 from RCR for Sonoma and WG. Don't lynch me. Just a thought.

RG built brand new cars in 2011 for the road courses & he already had a minimum amount of crew at the shop since last year. They will be fine come RC time.

This now opens up a window to do a huge amount of testing for the road courses.


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