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Just spotted one of the Freightliner support trucks at embee with the rear section removed. Hmm wonder what's changing ?

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The Captain.....Is there any chance of some pics of the support trucks in the near future?

RG will be drivng a Freightliner in the truck division for the 2013 Dakar.

Will he run in the T4 class?

Swim up bar.

Where is the "Like" button on here???

They are hanging the body on the Gibbs chassis, duhh

Has anybody called them to find out what in the hell is going

Freightliner > delivery boat.

Richard if you know and like trucks, then you will appreciate this rig. Jesse James is selling one of his tractor/trailers. This looks full show, yet it was used for his apparel business and for moving some choppers to different events. Per JJ and some others this truck had seen triple digest going down the highway.

Tractor is Full Custom 1996 body of 2000 chassis. Extended frame Smooth with no rivets Full show chrome 850hp CAT To much to list. 2009 5150 Trailer Custom elevator lift will fit Trophy Truck/Pro2/Pro4 Full lounge Full Shop Dual Pop Outs Polished stainless everywhere. This is hands down the nicest rig anywhere. Show stopper. 20K total miles. 375K obo.

Thats been there for a while it s his old monster energy

Can you say PACCAR?

Richard my wife's uncle is also in the hay business. Hay is slow in So.Cal and the Imperial Valley. The economy and reduced water from the Colorado river killed allot of ranches and farms in the valley. He has a set of doubles and a squeeze that are only operating a few days of the week. To bring in more income he bought a 48' flat deck trailer and has been working with CalTrans moving k-rail and other misc things during the night time freeway construction jobs. So I understand when you say "Anything to get me through the season". And regards to being mean & tough, well maybe? But I'm just another soldier in the RG Army!


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