it be cool if rgm would bring there car and parts to daytona in the freightliners im sure it would bring some attention. what do you think?

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I'm guessing the Dakar support trucks haven't made it back yet. Probably on a ship somewhere.
ya i did not think of that maybe down the road. be cool thou ,pull an open wheel trailer behind for the car that would be old school
The cars wont fit in the Dakar Freightliner trucks. The NASCAR hauler is way more efficient for hauling the two Cup cars and all the gear. BTW the tractors used to haul RGM's Cup trailer, vendor trailer are Freightliners. Now what would be cool is if Frieghtliner chose to have a display at the track and had one of Robby's Dakar support Frightliners there. Frieghtliner makes some pretty cool stuff. They dont just make simi trucks. Do a search on the P4XL which is part of their SportChassis line. It is what they call the Ultimate luxury sport utility vehicle. I could see Robby's new T4 being built off this type of platform.
I was going to echo that, they already bring a freightliner
But at the Cali. Race in could pull it into Campland for Friends and Family, that would be cool.
I think do whatever will bring some attention and get on tv to help attract sponsors. Robby does a lot of tv and radio already but maybe try to do something different or wacky on a regular basis so sponsors know they are going to get exposure.
I'm not sure that wacky is RG's nom de plume...
Do you think we will see a Freightliner on a 7 hood?


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