Hey tog or anyone, is robby going to have someone else run his car again this year during practices at pocono when robby is running the baja?

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Sub Driver? Like this guy?

my bad i just fixed the heading
It was fine before. I was just teasing.
haha i know but i just wanted to fix it anyway
crafton was at dega.
I dont think it will matter. I sure my 4 year old boy could get a top 30 if not better.... haha
Some guy from Wisconsin with a V in his last name like Brett Favre.
Who's the sponsor this week? Jim Beam will be back at Michigan, but who will be at Pocono?
Turtle Wax?
Kavpil? Really....

Kvapil did a fine job in his 28 at yates..he's not a world beater, but he put that car, which wasnt the greatest, and finished 23rd in Drivers Points last year...


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