At least four fans were injured from debris thrown off either Carl Edwards' or Ryan Newman's car, or perhaps both, during the crash that led to Brad Keselowski's victory.

An unidentified woman was receiving medical attention, her head and stabilized, at the scene. A considerable amount of blood was visible. Three others, seated in the O.V. Hill Grandstand, Section K, Row 23, were hit by what one described as a black cylindrical object with small bearings ("little BBs") inside it.

Janet Thompson, of Baton Rouge, La., said three others in her group were hit by the object. The injuries apparently consisted of welts and bruises. The woman injured more seriously was sitting lower in the stands, near the area where Edwards' flying car ripped out parts of the catch fence.

Ms. Thompson said the incident wouldn't prevent her from attending another race. "There were 160,000 people here, and it hit us," she said, matter-of-factly.

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8 fans treated at Talladega for injuries after car hits fence
Posted by Doug Demmons -- The Birmingham News April 26, 2009 5:43 PM
Eight fans were treated for minor injuries when they were hit by debris at the end of Sunday's Aaron's 499 when Carl Edwards' car went airborne and crashed into the fence.

Edwards' car was launched above the wall and into the fence that separates the fans in the lower grandstand from the track in a wreck eerily reminiscent of Bobby Allison's 1987 wreck here.

"We're gong to airlift one patient who has some facial injuries and possibly a broken jaw," said speedway medical director Bobby Lewis.

Lewis said most of the injuries were bumps, bruises and minor cuts.

Edwards said changes need to be made to make the racing safer.

"Hopefully they can do something somehow to change this style of racing," Edwards said. "I guess we'll do this until somebody gets killed and then we'll change it, but that's the way it s."
it was amazing that this was not worse than it was...Hopefully everyone will be okay but i tell you another couple of feet and there would have been mass casualties...Thank God!!!
glad it wasn't more searous. I saw the crash wow that was one heck of a crash!
just lucky that car didn't go into the stands. There wouldn't even be a next race had that of happened.

Just goes to show this is a dangerous sport.
If i'm not mistaking, didn't they raise the height of the fence and strengthen it at Daytona after the Geoff Bodine CTS wreck? That was 1 nasty ass crash as well that ripped up the fence and sent alot of debris into the crowd
here here. they also reconstructed the Lowes fence after that indy car crashed and killed 7 people or so. they should do the same for dega. raise it, strengthen it, and maybe come up with somekind of kevlar netting thats off of the fence to catch major pieces.

i just hope they dont mess with the speeds at dega.
The wreck was 100% Nascar's fault. After last year at Talladega a dangerous precedent was set. The yellow line rule should be thrown out coming the checkered flag. If that is the case then Brad can move down and continue to pass Carl w/o incident.

I have to say though, what a great day for the little guys. Good job James Finch. Shows that RGM can win it if the circumstances ever play out in their favor.
Brad mixed it up in the front all throughout the race.and when it was time to go, he knew what to do.
I don't understand people who keep talking up Finch.

That was absolutely 100% an HMS/Jr. Motorsports car, that just had Finchs name on it....
I agree, it is not a little guy winning, it's a __th Hendrick team. wow
I wish they would throw out the restrictor plate and the yellow line. Use aero to slow the cars down by putting a bigger hole in the air.
Good to hear she is okay and that it wasn't worse. I hope she's still a fan!

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — A teenager who was injured during Talladega's NASCAR race has been released from the hospital.

A UAB Hospital spokeswoman said that Lauderdale County High School senior Blake Bobbitt was discharged on Wednesday. Bobbitt had reconstructive surgery to repair a broken jaw.

She was one of seven fans injured by flying debris at Sunday's Aaron's 499 race when Carl Edwards' car sailed into the safety fence on the final lap.

Bobbitt's mother said she had her lower jaw reconstructed. Blake was in the second row of the grandstands with her father when the wreck occurred.

She is from Rogersville in the northwest corner of Alabama.


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