Thought you all might dig this - an Exclusively made shirt for the 2013 Dakar Rally. It is in the process of getting made so it won't be shipped in time to be underneath your tree BUT it will ship after the New Year is brought in WITH a FREE American Rebel Sticker. Limited Quantities so get them quick! Order online through starting TOMORROW!


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@Big Jake, Then you'll have to change your name to MediumJake tho....

Ordered mine today Yay
Merry Christmas to me

no shipping to Canada??? seriously??? WTF?

You live in a foreign country and shipping to a foreign country is a pain in the ass. I don't do it any longer with my items. Standing in line at the Post Office to make a few dollars profit wasn't worth the time and trouble.

It's more the fact that I've been ordering from RGM/Speed for many years now with no issues. The page even gives you the option to select a Country to ship to. I guess it is more the fact that things changed at some point in the past few months and it completely caught me off guard..

It's not that big of a deal, I live less than an hour from the border and I have a place that I can have stuff mailed to and I'm out of Speed. I guess a Lutsen trip is in order!!!

You can call the shop and place a phone order. Paypal doesn't calculate the shipping to Canada correctly. 704-949-1255.

thanks Jenna.. I might just do that early next week!

Hey Chris. I also have ordered lots of stuff over the years and had it sent to Edmonton so I am sad. I also will try calling. thanks Jenna.

Love the design!! Got mine ordered this morning. Thanks Kevin!!

The grey lettering on black t always looks good.


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