Thought you all might dig this - an Exclusively made shirt for the 2013 Dakar Rally. It is in the process of getting made so it won't be shipped in time to be underneath your tree BUT it will ship after the New Year is brought in WITH a FREE American Rebel Sticker. Limited Quantities so get them quick! Order online through starting TOMORROW!


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Love the "monster" and "red bull" in the dust! Nice touch!!

The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Did I miss something?

I took it as a Green Monster..AKA Monster Energy...IMO

Thats what i think it is suppose to represent.

Sweet i like it.

Great late Xmas Gift, I wont mind if it's a little late.

Dig is a Yes. This is what ime thinking about. Gotta Have Two of them Yesterday. Good Job and Thank You Kindly.

That Hummer is so bad ass on its' own. I'm down for at least one. Gonna have youth sizes? Kids would look good sporting that. Also, will there be the Speed Energy Logo on the back of the shirt under the collar, something else, or left blank?

I just tried to order the t shirt and hoodie. I didn't see it listed on store website. When will it be available? Thanks.

by like midnight or what ?

Hey Kev, is there anything on the back?

Just the Dakar logo on the top neck area


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