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Drive For Diversity Program Successfully Hidden From Fans

GREENVILLE, SC—NASCAR continued to sucessfully hide its Drive for Diversity minority-involvement program from fans last week by very quietly congratulating driver Darrell Wallace, Jr. on becoming the first African-American to win a K&N Pro Series East race, an achievement that threatened unwanted publicity for the program. "Congratulations to Darren [sic] on his win in the thankfully obscure Kevin Whitaker Chevrolet 150, and we wish him good luck in his future," said a NASCAR public relations official, who asked not to be named.

"On behalf of a, uh, certain stock-car racing organization, the name of which escapes me at the moment, I'd like to present you with this check for $5,000 in exchange for not doing any interviews. Your amazing achievement is proof that the Drive for [unintelligible] program is working, unfortunately."

Since the program began in 2004, it's become known to less than 5 percent of fans and has sent exactly zero drivers to the top-tier Sprint Cup Series.

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Darrell deserves better than that......the guy has put his laps in. Frustrating Inc.

Considering this came from America's #1 New Source you might take this with a grain of salt. :)

At least I had one bite

It's too bad....Some Great Drivers

Funny stuff.

A driver should be recognized because of his skills, not his skin color.

Got me WJM......I'm glad that was from The Onion. made me sad......


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