With all of the rumors going around that Penske is going back to Ford,and Dodge maybe leaving Nascar all together.I'm wondering if RGM is looking to change ?

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I hope they stay and RGM gets factory support from Dodge to go "all in" with everything RGM races. The key could be if RGM build their own engines for off-road. Do they still get the TT and Hummer engines from RCR?

No, Robby has stated in interview the Chevy LS based TT and Hummer engines are done by RedLine Racing Engines.

Well it be real nice to get factory support from Dodge. But his off road seems mainly GM. Would be nice to see a Dodge TT and Jeep wrangler for Dakar.

Penske leaving dodge for ford is no rumor. As for dodge backing RGM, very unlikley. Robby having his own engine program is a plus for dodge backing but not enough to lure them. They are looking to back a larger more established team. I wish it wasn't true but them are the facts.

Am I mistaken or hasn't Dodge already done the developement work for the 2013 charger for NASCAR? I know Penske is switching but haven't read anything about Dodge pulling out it would seem a bit premature there is a lot of time between now and next season to put something together with an existing team or bringing in a new team that doesn't feel they are getting everything they can with thier current manufacturer. Or does Roger know something about Dodge everyone else doesn't? and is getting out while the gettings good?? Also have to wonder if this changes RG's outlook on cup racing if the opportunity is there for RGM to become the flagship for dodge in NASCAR would he be more compelled to put more into the cup side of things? he has always tried to be fluid right now may be just the right time . RGM has an engine program in place thats less than a year old and has a full year to work on it's product and develop a possible lease program much as Penske has if RGM is the only player in town. I imagine this would require some form of help from Dodge to get off the ground "if" they do intend to stay. I realize this is alot of "If's" and "but's" but aren't businesses built on if I build this and if it's succesful do investors not want to throw in and reap the rewards of that success??

One other thing as for the offroad side of things why change a good thing? He has a good relationship with Redline building the various LS engines he uses and as for the "Hummers" he already had the bodies and backup sections and all the work that went into thier development, it would take a full blown factory effort or extremely deep pockets to change things right now. I see no factory involvment currently in his desert racing much like most in the desert not many enjoy factory support so that side of things is really not even part of the picture as far as Dodge is concerned. They did have a chance I believe when I found a picture of one of the Hummers in Riverside Calif.last summer at a Speed Energy tasting and "JEEP" can be seen on the sides of the car over the rear wheel well making me believe that something was started between the two and at some point fell through, Dodge and Jeeps loss in my opinion considering the attintion RG garnered worldwide during the Dakar that could have been a "Grand Cherokee's are for men" splashed over publications and the internet instead of Hummer. I guess only time will tell.

Last year Dodge held a press confrence with Robby stating that they would be partnering in Robby's other racing ventures. Then we all saw the Jeep RT8 and the Jeep labeled Hummer. The year was also looking very promising for Robby with the Fast Five multi racing sponsored ship which was extended beyond just the original 5 races. But all of a sudden that all went away. Now Dodge is just giving limited help. Robby should take his Speed Energy and go over to RCR on his limited race schedule so he can concentrate on building his brand rather then piecing together a new single Dodge car effort and wait for things to fall in place for mext year. Robby is a driver which has not been given the respect he deserves from manufactors to make a real difference in the way NascRap treats the small teams

What happens to all the Dodge engines that Penske is building? Does Dodge buy them back and sell them to RGM next year?

RCR more then likely won't do partime engine leases. Penske won't/didn't want to do part time leases. So in house it went

Just watched Speed TV and saw a fan with a sign with Robby colors and it said "Need a Penske Engine" It would be awsome if Dodge gave us factory support!!

Let us be realistic, IMO Dodge is looking for some names to team up with in the sport. If RG had some great finishes last year or at Daytona this year, it might be a different story where he could get more backing. Fiat is also in the mix and they probably wants a team with some depth in the pit box like a Knaus before they pony up big bucks.

One of the rumors floating around is Dodge will try to get Petty back on board.Don't know.I was just wondering where all of it would leave RGM?


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