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What do you guys think about this? I'm all in.

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Pure speculation.

RG's right, he can build cars (and engines) better than the tier two teams (Petty, Furniture Row, etc) - but the only way Dodge takes advantage is to buy the whole operation and run it themselves. Robby does things Robby's way, and I don't think Dodge puts in the $$ without significant control.

Or as Robby alluded to (my impression) he has no idea WTF Dodge is think'n.It's not like Ralph Gilles has no idea what Robby can do (Gilles rode with Robby during a day of Bull Run last year) Did Robby buy Rosetta Stones Italian program?
Speaking Italian to the Fiat guys might be important. Just say'n.


Auto companies have to be extra careful these days... need to be certain that any investment will pay dividends. Sure they were disappointed in Penske's leave and now that they're gone, maybe they're pondering just getting the heck out of NASCAR....???? (but I doubt it...)

If you look at RG, he's starting up a huge project in SST and you have to ask yourself, can he take on a full NASCAR season and coordinate all that needs to happen to be successful there along with guiding the new SST series? He's got lots of energy and he can probably get some good people in his court to support, but I feel his focus is going to be solely at the stadium series - that's his new passion and we all know he's talked about for years.

There's time to make plans for the upcoming 2013 season and I'm sure Dodge will wait to the last minute to decide their next move.

He can do it if he isn't driving in Cup. He said a long time ago his dream was to be an owner like Childress.

$500 million to get RPM or Andretti to a competitive level? Give RGM $50 million and you'd have a competitive two-car team.

If I were looking at this from Dodge's perspective, I'd want to align with a team/s that are completely focused on chance of success.

RG isn't and that's OK. The other things in hopper are better for him and the SPEED brand.

and...honestly - better for us.

What I don'y understand is this, let's say they go with "Petty". Richard Petty is not going to be running a welder or standing in the shop making sure the right "Tube stock" was delivered. He also is not going to be standing at the panel during a dyno test. Nor does Rodger P. or Richard C. or Rick H. It's a matter of having the personnel, the resources, and all on down the line. RGM has a leg up on the other teams in many respects and casting a net out into the gene pool and retrieving the proper personnel to run a Cup program of greater magnitude is a reality easily realized once that fat checkbook starts spitting winners as in the form of "factory backing". What is the number that the Captain ran under for the year for two teams? Why do I see people stating that the Dodge brand can then expand and ...............they have been a fringe player for quite a while with the number of actual race cars on the track bearing that badge. Dodge had Rodger P. not Brad K or any other driver, they ran under the Rodger icon. It's all in a name and if they can come to grips with realizing the best financial sense is through RGM, state of the art cars can be built by RGM, and the engine factor can be satisfactorily addressed and RGM is a good enough name tag to go along with their effort in CUP then perhaps we will see the buds bloom to bear a fruit oh so sweet. If not we have some pretty cool shit coming up as it is. Bill Gates does not "build computers" he has an empire for all that. Robby Gordon as hands on as I'm sure he is (I know of plenty of examples so please) I believe is capable of having folks in place to run the stadium stuff and a cup program. With the right $$$$ ..........oh and here I went and omitted the Speed Energy thing as well. As a foothold on reality I'm not going to bother with that part bu......yea why not. I think it was Robby Gordon that should have got that Toyota backing way back when but it was a simple question of the "Waltrip" name being more NAZICAR..ish. Michael Waltrip never even ran a Lemonade stand at that point (yes there was a little something but please) and in my minds eye and if memory serves me correct was nothing more than a damn puppet to be danced around the tube by the folks "put in place" that's right "put in place" who really ran things over there. For every guy who catches a diamond ring while fishing there is a million guys who threw the bitches ring in.........(oooo that bitch word should be edited) a million guys whose vision for the future was shattered and throwing a symbol of dedication, growth, and wholesome tenderness no matter the financial considerations into the water. Some guys catch a ring most all guys earn them, Robby Gordon forges them himself. Again as the calender pages hit the floor and time (no not her save her) marches on we will find out. until then what ever happened to GAS ON?

"Some guys catch a ring most all guys earn them, Robby Gordon forges them himself."...What a great line! See, I read it through knowing I'll have a pain in my brain for the hour! I agree, but I'm new to this whole thing! As the calendar flips, we'll see it all unfold....I think RG knows more than he's letting on to, IMO


That is the best and well stated post that I have ever seen you contribute, well let me just step back from the shock factor...just kidding

It's to long for me lol i'm sure it's good

Believe it or not the pain was actually less this time.


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