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Hey all, I've got a couple Robby pieces from my collection I'm looking to move as I have nowhere to display them and would like to find them a good home. I figure this would be the ideal place to move RG pieces. All cars are in mint condition, some boxes have slight wear on edges from being stacked in a box at home.

2005 #83 Red Bull 1:24 Busch Series Team Caliber #446 of 1800
2004 #55 Fruit of the Loom Busch Series Elite #10 of 336 produced
2004 #31 Cingular 1:24 Action Orange paint 1:24
2003 #31 Cingular Reverse Orange 1:24 Action
2004 #31 Cingular RCR 35th anniversary Silver 1:24 Action

All needing a good home, if interested message me and we'll discuss details. Thanks for reading!

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How much for the #55 FOTL car shipped to Virginia?
$45 and you cover shipping sound fair?
great price.
How much for the 83?
The 83 seems to be a difficult piece to obtain these days..I'd be very happy if I could get $75 for it
for $75 i'll take it.
Any chance of getting some pix up of them?
I can get pics of the fotl and the red bull, the others are at my moms house currently but ill gladly get pics of all rg pieces in my collection
I have a ton of Robby diecasts if anyone is interested. I have dozens of highly detailed customs that you can't buy anywhere. All 1/24 and all opening hood, flaps, trunk. Email me at if you are looking for something specific.
I have a #55 Fruit of the Loom diecast as well I will sell. I have a few other diecasts that need to go as well: #44 Tony Steward Shell Busch he ran in SoCal, a signed #12 Ryan Newman Alltell and a signed #99 Citgo Jeff Burton.

I will wait until Hank sells his #55 prior to selling mine so it doesnt appear to be poaching. if you have questions.
Agree. I won't sell any of the ones Hank is offering. Anything newer is a go though. I have everything from 2009-2010 and three custom Speed cars from this year.
If you have the SPOT Satellite car from Bristol Spring 09 that I designed for RGM I'd be interested in it.


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