So I was bored this morning and was reading the official rules of this RC truck giveaway.... And it looks like Im screwed...

From the Official Rules:

Limit: one entry per person, at one location only.
Entrants will be disqualified if they submit multiple entries, including entries at more than
one location.

Well Im like on my 5th entry as we speak. The card is full with all 7 stamps and I didnt turn it in this morning because I read this. What I dont get is how im supposed to only drink 7 drinks between the start and end of this promotion on March 3rd. Doesnt make sense to me?

Well crap. Do I start over at another gas station? I dont know what I should do? Any Ideas.


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Im going to go after this. My kids (and me) would be pumped if we win it

They have the truck at my local Terribles but haven't had Speed on the shelves for months. WTF??? It's Blue Diamond and Rainbow. I keep asking the workers how I win the truck and htey know nothing. I want to enter!!

WOW, very Impressed Robby himself answered a post! Thats pretty cool.

I couldn't wait, so I just bought one! It's awesome!

Very sweet! Do you know what type and size the motor is by chance? Im curious.

Is that a Traxxas Slash?? I have to get one I was just curious which truck it is.


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