Hearing rumblings...any truth to this...thought Monster wanted nothing to do with NASCAR?

Or was that before SPEED Energy came along...

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If ya'll don't ditch the drawl, you won't sell much at all..

The UK market is number one for energy drinks, so when are we going to get some Speed Energy over here??!! I feel like I am a one man show for Speed over here, and with the cost of shipping I have to keep it all to myself and make it last! Come on Robby, UK franchise!!!!

personalty i think the bush bros and monster are a perfect fit ............. nobody sees it yet .................... kyle running over ron hornaqday in the river crossing............. get it

Maybe Mr. Sepkovic should not have double dipped, then again Monster has not exactly been a definition of business Ethics either. In my opionion RG saw the writing on the wall, and is a great business person.


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