Hearing rumblings...any truth to this...thought Monster wanted nothing to do with NASCAR?

Or was that before SPEED Energy came along...

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Perhaps the NOS angle is more appropriate for their involvement ?

Signing Busch from NOS

Only thing I've heard involving Kyle & Monster is that Carmichael is going to be driving for KBM with his Monster Sponsorship (which I think is still unconfirmed).

That must be it then...Carmichael and Kurt Busch in the Nationwide car sponsored by Monster

I am guessing no more NOS for Kyle though...

Carmichael maybe the GOAT on 2 wheels, but he can't drive anything with 4 tires.......best finish is 5th.

Anyone up there look like Carmichael?

Nope, but I see Kyle and Kurt wearing "M" colors

Just a bunch of _______________. (I'M being nice)

I had some one from Kurt Busch's ontrage chewing my ear for 1 hour yesterday. Our sister company is sponsoring Kurt during the gatorade duals so they thought we would do the 500. I told Nascrap fans will not spend $2000 on a watch. It is a waste of money for us to sponsor NASCRAP. We tried it with Jeff Gordon, why would Kurt Busch make a better ambassaor. How the might have fallen, Kurt Busch is scrambling for sponsors

Love him or hate him, Kyle Busch is a major player in racing & Monster has seized an enormous marketing opportunity. Keep in mind the price was probably right for Monster. Those thinking or electing to throw stones at Monster for this in regards to Robby, keep in mind, Robby chose to start his own energy drink while still sponsored by Monster.

Monster was never a long term primary sponsor for Robby in NASCAR. Not because they couldn't afford to...but because they believed it wasn't their market. I believe parts of this Nationwide project are being funded by motorcycle riders and not Monster directly. Hence them all being in the background...

Oh Vick you have no idea the real story...
Do tell


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