Did anyone read this ESPN post? Dodge should rally the little guys.

Dodge shouldn't be taking phone calls. It should be making them, and not to the NASCAR juggernauts.

No, Dodge should be rounding up the little guys. The brand should embrace its thrust-upon-it role as the ultimate motorsports underdog. It should assemble the single-car, cash-strapped teams from the far end of the Cup garage and go racing.

I'm not talking about start-and-parkers. I'm talking about shoestring-budget outfits that are working toward actually building something. I'm talking about teams like Gordon's, such as Tommy Baldwin Racing, Phoenix Racing, JTG Daugherty, Front Row and Furniture Row. The ones that have to buy used parts at auction, fly coach, don't own their own wind tunnels and stay at the Holiday Inn Express because it comes with free breakfast.
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Agree and no matter how much $$$$ you have, it doesn't guarantee wins - Look at Toyota and F1. Fine example.

Did Bigzoom write that?

I wonder how Kyle is enjoying the Nationwide Series running in the back in his own stuff while a driver-of-the-week runs up front all day in the 18.

I don't think Kyle has the patience to suffer through the growing pains. Look how long it took Stewart-Haas to get their Hendrick cars up to Tony's talent level. Kyle and Kurt would need a grown-up (like an Evernham) in the room with them, I know of no one with that kind of money who would put up with that kind of bullshit.

Just wait until the first time Kurt screams 'Pheonix Racing cars SUCK!' over his radio.

I would agree that after the "colling off" period with Kurt, that Dodge would make a run for his services. I think that the main item that he has going for him would be his past champions provisional. He is marketable as long as he plays well this year, that said I think that he comes off as a complete poser, when it comes to acting as if he has changed his way. i am waiting for the complete meltdown that will happen soon. As far as sponsorship already in place, no way does Monster step up to provide the $$$ for a one car team, or does Tag Heuer for that matter. All that said, Kurt is marketable as a name brand "face", has past Dodge experience, and as we have seen in the past year, anything is possible.....

Just thinking...IF Dodge were to pick Robby, I would think they would invest as much as a sponsor ($10- 20 mil +) being that they would be THE Dodge. My question for the experts is, would that be enough to add to what Robby's got going to kick this thing to the next level? I would think that along with Dodge would come others wanting to hitch there wagon to his.

One advantage RGM could offer Dodge, if they were so inclined would be the multible venues that Robby races in. A winner in off road on the cusp in Dakar for a win. if Dodge was interested this would be a good place to showcase their brand.

Robby's diverse and unique racing background, as well as his personality which is both stubborn, aggressive and amiable at the same time, could be very attractive to Dodge if they look at this from a big-picture perspective. RG is a dream for fans and sponsors and a nightmare for competitors. I would bankroll the hell out of package like that.

Dodge is very big in supporting the Canadian Tire NASCAR Series...

I reached under the desk I'm sitting at and pulled out the list of folks who could have written that article, its the phone book. Not to discount what the guy is saying but there a lot of guys who cling to the past with the grip of an ape hooked to 440 volt nipple clips but rest assured there is no angle in it that won't survive the taxi down the runway with proclamation of grassroots racing and homegrown backyard oil changes. Everyone loves the thought of late night knuckle bleeder get'er done mechanical triumphs but lets face the facts, not only are those days dust over horizons past but fast approaching the status of folk lore. That aspect of the entire body of work aside, the commercial value does exist somewhere, that much is true. The vehicles of today are a far cry from the "let's call Joe era" however there remains a soft spot in the hearts of men that will forever endear them to the home spun. Somewhere there has to be a guy who put a set of points on a chain, draped it around his neck and considered himself ready for the centerfold shot of Road and Track. From there the jump to circling the wagons is an easy one if not for the fact that with every wagon train there is a wagon master. And for all those who say I vote for RGM there are going to be those who say otherwise. I don't think not finding drafting help has anything to do with driving ability, I really don't know what it has to do with, I don't want to know.......well part of me does, in any event Robby Gordon does things Rob's way and unless one wants a bickering hen fest pissing contest it better be chipped in stone as to who the wagon master is from day one, if ever a conglomerate was formed. Make no mistake there is going to be a certain amount of sacrifice for any person, team or group of teams that become part of this Dodge future. Will Robby Gordon be willing to hand over the reins to whatever degree in the name of survival ? I would hope not, I would think not and to be honest in the long run I feel it would be an eroding force that over time would spell perhaps the final chapter, the final nail, the final act and to a letter the be all to end all in the ever cascading world of RGM/NAZICAR. For my money a centralized engine program step one. Committed multiple car team or teams to run the hallmark step two. Be prepared to go through the growing pains, step three. The growing pains once again for MoPar and once again for RGM and or each and every one of the operations that become the new Dodge. Given the fact that Dodge was with essentially and for arguments sake only one team, and only two cars at that, one has to wonder what sort of effort they are going to be satisfied with. An admitted contract difference of opinion seems to be at the root of Pesnke turning the page on the stock car front and there still looms a question of security long term. Given the truth about manufacturer loyalty in NAZICAR since the days four way tire changes, a smoke and a can of Black Label pit stops there really is not much to hang the figural hat on. There seems to be a question or series of questions that nobody seems to be asking, other than myself I guess. What will become of the engines themselves, the physical entity of blocks, heads and intakes to cover the graphing majority? Is Penske slowly cutting back on building to the point where at seasons end there simply are no complete race ready engines to speak of in quantity? Thus no stock to sell off whatever the venue? Will Dodge be grabbing personnel that as of this day seem to be destined for new shores. There are many aspects to this, enough to keep us all busy in cheer perhaps or sadly in grief. In an ironic twist my brother-the one on the fishing boat that did the reality series (air date some time in june) is in the driveway at this very moment trying to resolve a leaky transmission line, one of the few things left on todays vehicles that can be done with a wrench. He distracted me while I tried to write this with his F'n bullshit and perhaps I lost focus but as a service to those of you who made it this far let me sum up by saying it sounds like a good idea when you kick it around the barroom to gather up some small teams and forge "Team Dodge". "The working mans team" but not so much when you kick it around the boardroom. That's when the what we should do what I want to do what is going to happen starts to rear its ugly head. More for my money here's best case: Dodge needs to have a flagship team not a gathering of the minds it simply will never work, not under one roof anyway. An engine program and raiding Penske brain power seems a good starting point, from there who knows. Hey guess what !! My bro just told me the size of the wrench he needed......it's between 6 and 7 millimeters.

"We've gotta have a great show, with a million laughs... and color... and a lot of lights to make it sparkle. And songs - wonderful songs. And after we get the people in that hall, we've gotta start em in laughing right away. Oh, can't you just see it... ?" -- Judy Garland, "Babes In Arms", 1939.

So the orphanage is in trouble. Big, costly trouble. How are those orphans going to raise all that money? It's simple. Hey Lets Put On A Show! Time to fix up that old barn and put up a stage!

TOG messaged me this morning noting that my earlier post on this thread reminded him of the "Hope" speech I wrote for Obama in 2008. Hey, it worked didn't it?

The Decision: Dodge 2013. I sense a Speed/Fox two hour special in the works.

I'm not the writer you are Mr. Martinez, but this morning on "The Morning Drive" they went over the different potential teams and the wrapped up with this being the best scenario.They were talking about the massive amount of cash it will take to lure each team away from their manufacturers and the best way to establish a presence in NASCAR. Time will tell...

Whats wrong with nipple clips?............Michael, I think you should throw you're hat into the ring to become the new team manager at Busch Brother Racing, lord knows the Monday morning meetings would be intresting..LOL


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