Roll call.... who is going to Daytona? Join RGRacinFan and me in the Fan Zone! Will the souvy trailer be there?

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i fly out from san diego on the 9th then to fontuckey and vegas
I will be there for the 500. Flying into Jacksonville from California on Saturday and driving down. I'm sitting in the backstretch. I'm currently trying to locate just a general Monster t-shirt. Even if it's not Robby specific, people will know who I'm rooting for.
ill tell you guys that the new budweiser party porch on the backstreth looks pretty awesome also with the new daytona flag they added in
.. led panels all over it including two poles behind the flagstand highup that light up the flag conditions of the race

That photo is not the party porch - that's the new flagstand. The party porch is huge, and replaces w big section of grandstands on the backstretch.
They probably had to do something to make the backstretch more desireable. It's pretty isolated, they have to bus you over to it.
Any other Robby fans going to be in Daytona next weekend?
I'm gonna miss Daytona but I'll be Fontukey and Vegas!!!! Hopefully there will be some Monster Gear available....
I'll be in Vegas too. I'll be hitting Binions and all the other joints on Freemont street the night before the race.
You're an old school type of guy aren't you TOG? I will admit though, when I'm in Vegas, I usually try to spend a night downtown too. It's much more laid back for sure.
yeah, I am a sucker for old-school vegas and the old school neon , as well as the gimmick games ( think Vegas Vacation movie ) ... They better still have the mechanical horse racing game at Ballys near the sports book entrance.
ahh nothing better than playing "I'm thinking of a number" and "Which hand is it in?" LOL!
Nice maybe i'll see you downtown.....


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