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Your english is pretty good Jerome. Your idea of GM factory support is one that many of us here have hoped for. Problem is securing factory support is a difficult task. But, if factory support became available it would simply be a task of changing the body around the machine to create brand identity. Until then the Hummer is the brand Dakar fans most identify with Robby Gordon.

"had" a deal with GM when the DAKAR program started.
BJ's sponsor M would have the problem buying a ride from Robby,IMO
I'd like to see Robby with Ford . You all know I'm a Ford loyalist and some of Robby's best offroad rides have been Fords . Hay Hauler , BFG Class 8 , Valvoline TT etc . Ford is also the only manufacturer that didnt need bail-out money . So there
" should " be money available . I could see a Ford Explorer , Escape or Edge bodied truck with the EcoBoost engine . Dakar would really be a great testing ground for it .
Sorry MJ,a Ford thing'y won't happen. The rule package lends it self to the production LS7.
Did you see Ford is leaving the NHRA after 2014?

Kevin you say he could have a GM body on the Hummer frame... But I remember RG sold the two Hummer? ...
Or you wanna say he makes the same frame with a different body... Of course RG is identified with Hummer but
if he built another stuff so strong as hummer he will be identified by his "bad bod" fun...with a monstruous
Suburban he'll be the king in the service park...He will scrutch them like insects...Ah Ah Ah !!!

all new chassis/body for 2014 DAKAR

Yes the machine is strong so changing the body style wouldn't change the performance. If Fiat wanted to give Robby Gordon Off Road a bag of cash Robby could put a Fiat body on it. The Hummers were sold so I assume Robby is in the process of buildin a new ride. Whatever that is will be, I'm sure, a dynamic machine capable of running up front and will definitely turn some heads.

And with Ford it's now impossible... There's the south african project...

@mj---Force team is losing Ford?

Ford, is reportedly dropping all NHRA teams after the 2014 season.Claiming poor return on investment.

Remember that the Ford/NHRA deal is most likely due to the return on investment of the North American division of Ford, whereas the Ford/Dakar is based on perceived return on investment from the Ford South Africa/Europe division. Different manufacturers distribute the racing-advertising budgets based on the return on investment for each region or division. This is why we see a Ford Ranger body, or for that matter a Toyota Hilux body in the Dakar when those models aren't available in NA.

Wow I have been outta the loop . Didn't know bout all the Ford losses . That's gonna big w Force leaving .


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