Dakar 2020 on the table this year???

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Paul, I guess silence is a bad sign... Eric

not good, my friend ...

I thought in chat the other Day .... IMO I’m thinking the focus at this current time is the business end of RGM. Way to many things on the plate ...

DAKAR is on the table, just not for RG or RGM.

No Dakar for 2020

RG has too many things going on.

Oh Man! logged in after Baja hoping to read about the Dakar rumor mill. Well, TOG stabbed that one in the heart.

Back to supporting Nasser who can humble the pompous Spaniards, Carlos and Alonso.

I'm the opposite. Would love to see Alonso perform well. Not a fan of Nasser.

I also would like to see Fernando do well. Nasser is also a proven wheel man.
In other news, I'm now semi-retired and plan to be covering DAKAR here, at the Planet!

Nasser is a great talent, thats for sure. Congrats on the semi-retirement, Mike!

Yes Mike !!!!

Awesome! MK you are the anchor on Dakar here. Looking forward to following Fernando as well.

Can't wait!


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