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12:17 Matthias Walkner wins the Dakar!
Finishing with the eighth best time on the last stage 5’38’’ behind Kevin Benavides, Matthias Walkner has played it safe in Córdoba. The official KTM rider has won his first Dakar at the age of 31 years and enables KTM to remain unbeaten since 2001!

11:04 Victorious Casale wins the Dakar!
Ignacio Casale has completed a superb Dakar with an imperial 5th victory in Córdoba. The Chilean has beaten Nelson Sanabria by 1’21’’ and Nicolas Cavigliasso by 1’36’’ to obtain his second overall triumph on the Dakar on a quad, following his first in 2014.

12:57 Carlos Sainz wins his second Dakar!
Carlos Sainz has finished 9th on the last stage but obtains his second overall triumph on the Dakar following on from 2010. The Peugeot driver has faultlessly controlled the end to the rally, finishing 43 minutes in front of Nasser Al-Attiyah. Giniel de Villiers climbs onto the last place on the podium ahead of Stéphane Peterhansel.

1:30 pm ET / 10:30am PT

check that
5:35pm ET / 3:35pm PT

so who cares
Dakar is old news

If RG was racing , you would. Thanks for stopping by.

that's just it they changed the rules to keep RG out so like i said WHO CARES?

2018 where the same as 2017/16/15. 2019 is the move to 3.5 Turbo gas 4wd for Elite drivers. The HUMMERs would have been the choice for this year’s course.

A shame about Brabec's motor fire. Was an impressive run for the American. I am quite content with the win for Sainz. Glad it's not Peterhansel haha.

Doubt anyone is ever going to get near Peterhansel for wins. 14 wins and 6 riding
Bikes. No wonder they call bim Mr Dakar

I do enjoy the Dakar but yes, it would have been more fun with Robby racing. Thank you Mike for all your updates in this thread. It has been quite a hard Dakar for many participants this year. It would have been something if Brabec had been able to finish, but to withdraw so close to the end... what a heart breaker. And to see Villagra in the trucks be so close to being on the podium and having to withdraw, that was sad to see. It is nice to see Carlos Sainz win after his last few Dakars where he had some scary crashes. I was kinda holding my breath hoping he would make it to the end this year. I wonder if Robby misses being in the Dakar. Let's hope he makes it next time. And also, a big thank you to TOG for this site!


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