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Mike Thanks. It looked like 3 fuel cells with pumps. That was great .

Bolivia appears to be an hour ahead of Eastern Time , +4 Pacific

Peter stopped for over an haour in the spéciale .... HA !

Cyril , stopped to help. I predict we lose a PUG today

From the livestream, it looks like it was wet and muddy today.

on the move again .
but no depres ...

Stephane out Dakar cars 2018

It was fixed and he went to the finish lost less than 2 hours. Depres helped and he also made it in

I missed the last part. Good for him.

Despres already become a backpacker of the team peugeot helps peterhansel!
Stage 7 Dakar 2018

good job on Cyril's part, he only lost 3h:45m to keep Mr.DAKAR in the hunt. Good on teammates


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