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It's gonna take a fast support truck to get that out, and it still may not be easy.

Brabec has a solid day -9th, and his transponder worked all day today
Barreda put 10 minutes on the field today

Saw that. Sitting 10th overall. Good for him.

It will be interesting to see who is left at the conclusion. I don't recall a previous Dakar with such attrition.

Equal to the race, or ...rally itself I guess you could say, from way back in the France-Africa days it was the scenery captured and having vehicles running through it. Coverage with the internet and real time and other technologies has brought so much more than old spot coverage and magazines I got started on...but. It's like racing national geographic style. Nothin can touch these great landscapes with all this motorized madness set in it. All the crazy staged and rehearsed stunts and building jumps and canned commerce will never touch the real thing and in my opinion, the South American scenery beats the African hands down. As much as there is not to cheer about if you get my drift.... I really get off on watching these vehicles plunge plow and ...crash and burn, in this great looking terrain......main focus on the race it self....BIKES

@MJ, I have another Ford powered rig for you. The Borgward #313
Thank WJM for the research.

Stage 6,

Bolivia Dakar ramp ceremony is live on Periscope.

It just ended, but this is a good source for video.

Question : Do they still run a large fuel cell on the Bikes.

@JR, I would say yes. at the 6:00 minute mark

Mike Thanks. It looked like 3 fuel cells with pumps. That was great .


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