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Very high for this early. Which is a good thing in my opinion. The Hummer would excel there.

Cyril Despres is currently at a standstill after 180 km of the special due to a broken rear wheel on his Peugeot! The suspension has broken off and the Frenchman will not be able to repair it on his own. His hopes for victory on the Dakar are crumbling around him!

good thing it near the end of the stage

I wonder if Nassar will have a taxi cab waiting at the bivouac?

YES!!!!!!! or Peruber

Peruber.....that's funny lol

lol TOG that's funny
sounds like the closed loop fuel pressure issue the first year of the Gordini

Sébastien Loeb has possibly lost all hope of winning this year's Dakar. Getting stuck in the dunes for almost 3 hours will send the former WRC driver spiralling down the classification

Stephane is in , waiting on the rest of the field

DAKAR FB , has pic's of Loeb being stuck


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