New and improve peugeots :

Maroco training a couple of days ago ...

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Le Havre is getting beezee .
The racers are checking in .

We never really know until middle of December if I remember correctly. How things ended last year it makes me think he isn't coming back. That or he has some trick up his sleeve. Robby doesn't race if he doesn't feel he has a chance to win.

I have a feeling he is scrambling to work a deal with someone to get in a competitive car. Maybe him and Yazeed have something cooking?

And as usual I have zero real info and am just a wild speculator.

Competitors list for cars has several numbers missing the lowest of them being 313.

It's pretty certain RG is not going to Dakar this year.

can you enlight us please !?

look at the post below

I have friends in high places. ;-)

Sad to hear RG wont be going to Dakar, but after last year? I just have to keep up with the bikes this year.

Bummer about Dakar tbis year. Its been a heck of a fun run these last 10 years down there

It sure won't be the same this year w/o Robby and his Team in the race! What a bummer. I wish him the best.

It was good to see him and the Gordini show up for Thanksgiving at the Glamis dunes. You can see the Gordini hauling the mail at the 18:29 mark.

17::29* Thanks for sharing.


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