Any news for the next Dakar. ?

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As Summer takes its final bows in the coming weeks the United States of America again looks to be stumbling blindly down the dark alley ways of ignorance when it comes to the lone wolf efforts of Robby Gordon and the Dakar Rally. Focused on Football the nation suffers the tunnel vision of the pigskin (fully inflated or not) as the days grow shorter and the shadows longer the months ending in E-R put a strangle hold on the weekends focus and, by the time the new year arrives the numbing effects of all that leave very little by way of exposure and we'll have little national support to speak of. That's my view any way. The need for some sort of light shed is now and unlike the last few efforts for any of you who know i'm going to get a head start of sorts on getting somebody to acknowledge the race exists and there is a true threat of winning for an American team. That I think could be the angle that is needed to get things moving. Instead of trying to pitch a driver and create a new fan the "United States" entry could be the trick. I may have come off a bit a waver of the wrong flag in the past. Talking of the unrest between a team mate who took off for home to go get in the olympics may have been one of the many great bullet points for us and our awareness and ...let's face it, love of drama, but, I think it may have had a stifling effect on my point. Which was we needed to start reporting the news rather than reporting "on" the news. As I pitched the idea of a feature on the Rally I focused perhaps too much on Robby. I look back and think I sounded like a flag waiver alright, however much to my own detriment I was hoisting the wrong flag the highest. This time around I'm coming in the side door and the people I try and sell my snake oil to will not know it but Robby came in with me. I have a few ideas where to start and how to proceed that may ...may...con someone a bit. This I don't mind and it took a few glaring examples before I was able to fully understand what "means to an end" really meant. I mean really meant. If it is all for not it will be that they are the fool and, can stand at the other end of the bar. I'm not sleeping with any one just to get my idea across but i'm not afraid or to proud to agree with someone I would normally tell to go to hell if you know what I mean. If you ever met me it might take you awhile to get to know me and as all the importance and clout of a first impression may be, this time around i'll try and create an interest and curiosity rather than a "New Fan". Not force my personality on the subject. Hopefully this time i'll have a membership card in my wallet before they realize I should not have even been let in the door to apply. Like I said last year or whenever it was, you have to make folks "Think it was their idea" sometimes not to be the asshole..but...sometimes. I just have to be focused on certain parts of myself rather than looking at the end of the road too soon............i'll get'em some how i'll get'em.

This being an election year, Michael ... I don't see you getting much sympathy from the devil

Its an election year???

Local races only in my hood.

Did you vote today?

No. I live in a all mail in ballot state-Washington. My ballot was mailed days ago ;-)

NY general E is November 3rd ... primary September 10th ... it's always an election year ... jeje

Have you filed a "National Dakar Appreciation Day" citizen initiative yet? I'll vote for it ... any reason to party


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