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The Master said it best:

We’ve almost got a little bit too much power now, which is a nice problem to have. Now we definitely have to manage the power, whereas before that wasn’t the case.

I read that as : the addition 10hp gain that we spent millions on makes the chassis updates we spent tens of millions on a POS,

What else is money good for ... really ... seriously

Gas and groceries for most all of us

You have an operating cash flow of over 11B € ... and no spare pocket-change for a short-case of Oly? You need a budget, Mike.

If a guy only had to buy beer! But, groceries can screw a budget, especially if you like Beef or Bison
As for the newest version of the 2008. They could have done more with way less $. If the stock holders only knew.

Wow! $20mil for upgrades. I would be surprised if RG spent a quarter of that on the brace of Gordini's. What is his Dakar racing budget - a couple of mil? I still do not see why Ford or GM don't hire him to build a Caddy, Buick or Lincoln SUV for bragging rights at the Dakar. It would be much cheaper then what the Europeans are doing and the results could be better. Look what he did with the Hummer brand!


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