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this one not get a long travel kit on it?

They fixed the ride height issue, but not the other issues IMO


For those who are bad with faces, who is this guy?

On loan to Peugeot from the Porsche factory. He's been a works Porsche driver for about ten years.

He acquired the DKR15

Technically Jav, the improved : Peugeot 2008 DKR15+ ... but only because I'm suffering NASCAR board-cast announcers ... compensated hype

I'm not sure it has the revised 2016 rear suspension.Even if it does ,it F'd up (JMO)
It also doesn't look to be wider and longer wheel based. 2015 DKR+ ?

2015 DKR+ ?

Rally of Morocco - Stage 5: Boucle d'Agadir 09 october 2015 Marocco Rally: report 5 09/10/2015 - 20:01

When one has a huge budget ... flaunt it

I'm not sure there was a fix for 2015 (no+) minimum of a front and rear clip

The DKR16 is wider, longer, this maybe have a few improvements let's see how make it


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