RGM's schedule has been packed full of racing so far with Dakar, Baja, SST and more...there's a break on the schedule this year and it falls on the Cup weekend for Sonoma...

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Nobody more exciting on road course. I follow Robby anywhere he races. We all marveled at his NASCAR cockpit setup. He was light years ahead of the pack on road course setup. And he did it with little or no money. An American icon with people that love pure racers. Cleanest shop in NC! Just a very nice guy live and in person. I miss #7. Thanks. Gary

I agree completely!! I don't know about the cockpit. Would you please share that?

I'm surprised there are only 43 cars on the entry list. I remember when 48-50 was the norm.

Will be at the top of turn 7, as we have every since Rob started. Sucks that the best Racer won't be there.

I was listening to Serius this week (yes the NASCAR station) and Chocolate Myers was asked who the best road racer ever in NASCAR was. His reply....yup, our own Robby Gordon! He spoke for most of the show about his memories and races RG was in. He felt his downfall was his own equipment....it was a great show!


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