News broke from Rick Hendrick that they could have a new sponsor for Dale Jr soon that would be a 2 year deal. Hendrick hinted they had opportunities earlier but they conflicted with current sponsors (supposively AMP/Mtn Dew) "we're looking to the future" (meaning if they pay more and commit longer we're moving on), National Guard is also under fire about it's sponsorship involvement. Rumors leaked this past weekend that Monster Energy could return to Nascar. With the success Kyle & Kurt have brought the energy drink maker, they believe having the "Most Popular Driver" in Nascar could be just what they need. With rival Red Bull out of the sport and the many other energy drinks all but dried up from the sport, Monster could make a splash with Jr Nation. Monster seems happy and would likely continue their sponsorship with Kyle & Kurt Busch in the Natiowide Series. Monster continues to make strides to dethrone Red Bull with marketshares. Monster has made huge gains in the X-Games and other extreme sports. After Red Bull got out of Nascar with Khane & Vickers, Monster followed with stopping it's Nascar sponsorship of Robby Gordon. Monster re-entered the sport at the lower level with Kyle Busch and brother Kurt and has seen a huge return.

Fan Concept...

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If my memory serves correctly (doubtful) it was Junior Johnson that said something to the effect of "if you want to make a small fortune in racing, start out with a large one".

I believe Bud distributes Monster so it makes sense

Monster is now distributed by Coca-Cola to help them expand into international markets. BTW: the #1 energy drink in the UK is "Kx" (pronounced "Kicks").

My own opinion...I wish Speed Energy would do some driver sponsorships. Like Red Bull did with Robby. Have drivers like Tony Stewart or whoever wearing a Speed Energy helmet and chug a Speed Energy in Victory lane with a Speed ball cap on. Would think that would be the least expensive way to sponsor a driver and get you name out there. I thought it was genius when RG had the Red Bull helmet and switched to Monster. Pocono will forever show the RG helmet throw in it's commercials.
As for JR, his name and popularity is a marketing dream for any company. The Mtn Dew deal was pretty stout and when they phased out the AMP deal and scaled back it's become prime real estate. The biggest hints Hendrick gave was "we couldn't do anything until now because of conflicts with our current sponsors" Now that those deals are on the table to renew, Hendrick can look at other offers. It was pretty clear when he stated "We're looking to the future with Jr's car and sponsorship" Simply stated...Jr is getting a new sponsor. It's seems pretty clear it conflicts with Mtn Dew/AMP and Monster has been in the rumor mill. Like him or not, Kyle has put Monster in Victory Lane. RG almost did a few years back. RG had that race won at Sonoma.

there you go, thinking again :)

thought the cool guy, know it-all's got rooted out haha

Nah, I'm still here. Just taking a little hiatus.

Thank Goodness! get some fish oil dammit so you can keep riding your Maico, or whatever the hell that is.

yea it would be awesome to see our colors out there (speed energy) but i am a Jr fan, cant hate, love motorsports and nascar falls into that. no hate here i think Jr will rock it for monster!

And here I thought this topic, subject ...distraction for some had died a slow unseen death, much that of the broken half of a worm that recedes back into the ground in a paniced last ditch attempt to get back to what it was doing.....screwing.... All the while with the ability to screw itself it still exposed itself to satisfy the primal urges that need to be quenched. Thus the wall becomes splattered with the artistic spittings of a gasping public as it laughingly tries to ignore the endless bombartment and ....(I talked myself into a corner ) oh yea the whoring of commerce that goes on in a whirligig of options and obligations aimed with the accuracy of a modern day missle at a wall as wide as the earth itself and no matter the statistical kills still an unwavering clawing to be at the top or near the top or see the top propells its existance which much like a run on sentence ............never ends. I love a good sentence and a good ending, I don't see this ending ......ever. I buy the Orange can often enough but it appears I'm no marketing type and the youth are still starstruck with Monster and other what have yous'. Our time will come I should also appears the grease has flatlined the assualt on energy drinks as a whole.

I agree. This is nothing more than a bandwagon play. I'm surprised Monster hasn't leaped on Danica. NASCAR is not the energy drink demographic, it's just not. If it were, Red Bull and Rockstar would be knee deep in it. I also agree that energy drinks have run out of 'extreme' sports to throw money at.

I highly doubt Monster would sponsor Jr. You might be thinking conflict with Mtn Dew/Amp but the biggest conflict is that Mtn Dew is tied in with Pepsi, Pepsi sponsors Jeff & Jimmie & Jr. No Way would Pepsi bow out to something being distributed by Coke. Another Pepsi product Gatorade...remember powerade vs Gatorade in victory circle, oh the memories!


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