What a way to end the year! The Off-Road Community is awesome!! Ready for this story??.....

@Robby Gordon had some last minute Dakar needs which we made and overnighted yesterday. A member of our off-road community that works for the shipping company alerted us that the Next Day Air package was still sitting in the sorting center at midnight last night and wouldn't be making it to Charlotte today so it could be taken by RG's guys to Dakar. Thanks to this gentleman in our racing community, we had enough advance notice that we were then able to scramble to find an alternate route for this package. (Shipping company wouldn't deliver the package tomorrow on a holiday and everyone would already be in Dakar when it was out for delivery.)

We called Mike Julson from Jimco Racing Inc to see if he could take the package with him on the plane but he was already at the airport. Instead he told us to call Cameron Parrish from McMillin as he was also leaving today. We had the number in our system wrong and accidentally got a hold of Mark McMillin instead who graciously offered to take Robby Gordon's shipment when he headed out tomorrow if we couldn't touch base with Cameron today.

Long story even longer, Cameron was also already at the airport but our shipping company rep was able to intercept the package, drive it to the airport (on his day off) and meet up with Cameron so he could hand deliver the goods to RG's guys when he landed in Dakar tomorrow. (See picture! THANK YOU Cameron!!)

Of course, Mark McMillin being the stand up guy also called back to make sure everything was handled and offered his delivery services if anything else is needed between now and tomorrow!

LOVE this community! Thanks everyone for a wonderful 2013 and helping each other out!!! We may be competitors on the track but we will do anything to help each other out. As we throw the checkered flag on this year, we hope everyone has a SAFE New Year's Eve and an even better 2014!


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cool story

Yes, Thanks Jaci ...

Agreed. Lots of support out there. Good on the guy that noticed this!

A very nice story about racer's helping racers.

Thanks, Jaci.

Example of great things to come......as TOG would say, "Ah, the humanity".

Into next year, let's get it on!

Man, I just feel like the stars are aligned and Robby's gonna bring that trophy home!


Love it!!!

Great story Jaci!!

Great story.

Thanks jaci, that's awesome.

I think the guy at the shipping company deserves a Dakar T-Shirt! We do have an awesome community. Go get 'em Robby!

That's one thing I love about the racing community in general. Any level, any discipline, those involved are always willing to help others out.


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