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Have any of you offroad guys heard anything about Coco the last i heard he was in the hospital getting his other leg amputated . This was in 2010 and i havent heard anything about him since then . I do know he made it thru that surgury ok cause there are videos of him on youtube with both legs gone , but no mention of him after that . I know San Filipe is coming up soon but not sure if that course goes by Coco's Corner or not , just saw the vids and got to wondering how the tough old guy is doing . For those of you who dont know Coco here he is

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Man, how could anyone not like that guy. I like how dust to glory has a segment on him

Thats where i 1st heard of him . That guy is tougher than a 2 dollar steak . Just hope he's still alive . Ive never met the guy but he's like another mystical legend of Baja . Hope everything is good with him Id really like to see him considered for the Off Road Hall of Fame in Reno . The guys who RACE Baja are tough , but man , this guy actually LIVES out there everyday . Hell if he were ever bitten by a rattler the damn rattler would probably die instead of him lol . They could put him in as a celebrity or something like that . He's done alot for the sport and has never asked for a thing in return .

I was intrduced to Coco last November at the Baja 1000...(Ensenada)

he was with friends and at contingency smiling ear to ear and digging the whole big town race environment......

Thanks Randy good to hear the old guy still with us . He really is a legend of Baja , for years I heard of Coco's corner but it wasn't until Dust to Glory that I knew the guy behind it . 

It's been awhile since I have been through Coco's. I checked my e-mail tonight and found this.

Mr Ibarra one of Cocos closest friend will have a surprise party for Coco
on Saturday Feb 25th at Cocos Corner he will be 75 years old , everybody is invited
you can stay and camp, take what ever you want to drink and eat.
Many have already confirmed.

Wow that guy is just sooooo cool . God bless his tough old soul if you should see him please tell him he has a fan all the way over here in NY . I just love the guy he's such a free spirit and good hearted . He really is the definition of what Baja is all about 


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