<---- Click the donate button if you can. NOW @ 74% of goal

Running the Planet for the Dakar costs $$$. This will be the premier site for the Gordini loving fans. I know this year will be no different. In fact I know this site is going to blow up!!!!

I just clicked and threw in a few for TOG. I hope others can as well.

donate here

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Ok, gason talked me into it--donated (again) keep the show going on and on and, you get the idea!

45%!!! Wow great response.

Yesterdays thread for stage four had over 37,000 views! That's fantastic. Unfortunately it uses a ton of bandwidth. A reminder to all our Dakar fans. You may only stop here in December and January, but they need to keep it going the other 10 months.

Holy wow. over 45,000 page views on stage 5's thread.

Sadly only 512 views for this thread.

Jr. that is awesome!!!!!!
14% jump since yesterday! Thank you PR is truly crowd funded by the fans for the fans! Over 40k hits on yesterday's thread. Wow I am just blown away

As the Dakar winds down, I wanted to thank all of those who took the time to support the site. TOG, Mike, WJM, all the contributors and commentators, but most of all anyone who took the time to buy a sticker, some hot sauce, and especially paypal clickers. I have no idea who did or did not otherwise I would thank you personally. It looks like we won't make the goal. Remember TOG runs this out of pocket. There are at least 3 major events every year the Baja 500, Baja 1K and Dakar. I hope everyone stops back in and check out the other coverage too. Follow TOG @planetrobby for updates on other site events. (and see him miss predict the Seattle game lol)

There are still some limited edition stickers left. I know because I saw the planetrobby tweets! Snap those up before there gone.

Thanks everyone this two weeks is a real highlight of my year.

And there are going to be plans for 2016 with Planet, like more periscope feeds and live streams. And if RG gives us the A.O.K, sharing some never seen before photos.

Thanks again everyone. Wish the Dakar results were better.

Sounds like a obituarie, come on still racing ( I think)

Your right, but I may be to busy cheering to update it later!
Last chance to help us stick around until 2017. The planet really needs your help. Anything you can do will ensure it will be here next year. Thanks TOG. I'm out.....


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