I'm going to be working a Monster Jam show in Charlotte Jan 20-21.  Is the RGM shop open at all to the public?  If not, any planet members with inside access want to hook another member up?  I might be able to get some tickets in exchange.

Message me here if you might be able to help.  Thanks!

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I assume the RGM will be hard at work for Daytona, while also celebrating a DAKAR victory!

Yeah, not really open to the public per se. I walked in with my Speed hat on during my trip back to Indiana so the big scary guy (lol) at the front desk took me and my friend back. I kinda felt like I was inconveniencing him though, not gonna lie. The shop is AMAZING! It really is a shame they can't arrange something to show it off because it really is one of the nicest facilities I've been in, and I've been in them all haha. You can, however, show up and buy some swag and drinks. They had a few shirts out and cases for sale in the front, then you might get lucky and they'll take you back.


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