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Hey 7gason7 - you own one of these. Was it a lemon?

I can tell you 7gason is bringing his to his standards, it should be amazing when it’s finished.

Working on it. My understanding is these are actually 2008 season cars. Hmm room for one more. nah.

This looks pretty much like mine. I'm sure it was not a "replica" but an actual track used car. I am aware of at least 4 RGM built.

and mine:

I am sure this was Jim Beam's show car (see pic above) It had those front directional lights. I know my 7 was a Jim Beam car then painted Polaris colors, Fast Five colors, and finally speed. in 2008 RGM changed their chassis to Evernham chassis, leaving his original Ortec chassis as surplus.

Here are 3 "VIN" numbers for the street legal cars.

A5GBHV1YK91000001 AZ License AKE9699
A5GBHN2YL91400002 AZ License AGC4018 then MNSTR7 Then SEDRINK
A5GBHU2WA91400010 AZ Licensed (mine)

Ouch (for me) Sold $12K

The commentators stated it has a title and is titled as a RGENT, which is what mine is too.

I bet this is the registration for that car. I found it in my car when I brought it home:


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