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we are trying to prep still #1115 won class in VORRA night vision 225 10 days ago and going tru everything hope we can make it

I'm hoping to make the finish of the race. Dayton is not far and last time I was there it was a good time.

Im workin and got screwed on my vacation day requests!

Can you make it to C row and have a cool one with the team its at the Aliante Casino Parking lot Thurs 9 to 4


3002 Tim Brown (29) San Marcos, CA,
Vincent Farley (39) Escondido, CA,
Alfonso Cota (50) Yucca Valley, CA,
Doug Anderson (58) Yucca Valley, CA, {{{{{{{Whos this old fart? BBrrrrrrrrraaAAAAaaapppPPPPP.
Brown Safe Manufacturing, CRB Fab, Aqua Jet Cutting, Maxima Racing Oils, Fox Shocks, BFG Tires, Kartek, Mason Motorsports

I will be there after shift around 1030am. text me when you guys arrive and i will come find you guys.

How about RG?

leak down and check of trans ok on class 11 car so we should make it

What kind of leak down #'s and how was the O'berg?

out of 4 cylenders we had about 7%we use system 1 filter and it was clean

So we should see ya at C row? Do you have a # yet?

car 1115 grey bug

@FD, A group of guys from the NW are going down to run a UTV #1926 Jason Fraser,Mark Sundberg,John Pierce and crew chief'd by Jessie Jenson (he builds very nice race cars) They are a bunch of Late Model Stock car guys.


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