Saturday January 11th,

'Mad' Max Gordon and co-dawg Robby will pilot the #1971. UTV start time 1:00pm PT

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Dad ran the first lap. Max is kicking ass.

St. Louis SX SX tonight.

1971 pitting before starting lap 3

Back on 1st, great great, you can do it Max!!!

1971 is racing the 1895 and the 1937 now. Lap 3

Max takes the lead!!!! 1 lap left

at these point in Parker, it's dark. Racing with the lights on.

RM18 -3rd lap

Sounds like a good run hope the luck holds we know the talent will

Back home. Thanks Mike for the updates !!!

ok, I wish that I could post what's what. BUT BiTD is such an amateur organization, I can not give official results or footage. From this , it looks li Max with RG won.

They’re popping champagne


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