Saturday February 20th 2021

Follow 'Mad' Max Gordon and co-dawg Robby Gordon #1971 Pro N/A

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lap 2 RM57 3:54PT

lap3 4:20 pt


green bubble- 4th lap guys are blue bubbles

RM41 5:01PT

Kind of running at the same pace as the overall leader 1827 Carson Wernimont

it appears Max's race is over after being lapped, overall results are forthcoming.

Looking like a P14 finish

On RG's Instagram page, he posted pic's of the XX 'full turtle', his words. There's also a video of them getting the XX pulled back on it's wheels.
RG posted that the (EPS) Electric Power Steering shut down on Max at the wrong time.
I believe the same thing happened to RG at KoH a couple years ago, I thought it broke his thumb.

post roll pit stop footage

Thanks Mike


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