Saturday January 11th,

'Mad' Max Gordon and co-dawg Robby will pilot the #1971. UTV start time 1:00pm PT

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Looks like this may be the tracking link- Main page -

Thanks Will.

the race is underway,

near RM41

Mad Max is picking on the adults
again it appears !!!!

1st on time, so far, so good. keep it going Max!!

I'm going with the no jinx thing

the 16yo that Red Bull was pimping for DAKAR Red Bull Juniors is leading currently the Parker 250 SxS Prody class. 18yo is the minimum age for DAKAR, who forgot to read the rule book?

11yo 'Mad' Max Gordon currently RM65

1957 is who 1971 is racing for the class now

separated physically by a mile


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