Saturday January 8th, 2022

UTV start time 12:45pm PT
Mad Max Gordon #1977

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I do not know why Max DNF'd Saturday. But, I'm sure it was not as dramatic as the Shock Therapy, Smith bro's exit. Holy Cow

This was from Max's Insta post
Well last weekends @bestinthedesert Parker 250 didn’t go as planned. We started off 73 overall and passed at least 20 cars before midway the second time. We made it to main Pitt 3rd on the road in our class physically and 30 seconds behind the leader on corrected time. After we made it through the goat trail on the second lap heading to the canal on the graded roads we snapped a tie rod bolt in the rack. All in all we had a blast and the car ran the best it has ever ran.


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