So I am at work today in my Robby Gordon Jacket, reading Planet Robby, Drinking my "Blue" Monster when a buddy comes up and says:"yeah, I am not really a Kenseth fan but I think hes gonna take it this weekend!" I was stunned....Could I have found the King Bandwagoneer? What am I supposed to do about this madness?
"WWRGD" Help!

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Let me add if I may: He isnt a Kenseth fan, He likes Mark Martin. He doesnt watch much racing(5 Nascar total last year) and he admits to jumping said Bandwagon...Anyone else seeing this epidemic?
Sad but true!
I did notice a few more people donning Kenseth gear at Fontana than usual...but nothing too alarming that I've seen
I like it when I am at school and someone who I know doesn't know squat about NASCAR or any other type of racing talks to me like Jeff Gordon is still the best driver out on the track. And when I tell them that I am a Robby Gordon fan, they say, "he sucks!" or "who is that?" Shows how much they know, and I can laugh and walk away.
2 in a row,. luck was on his side,. i'm pretty sure no more kenseth at the podium.
if all these guys in all these cars can't beat a mouth-breathing clod like Kenseth to the finish line it's worse than we thought.
How can he be a bandwagon jumper if he starts out by saying he in not realy a 17 fan? You can think someone will win and hope they crash at the same time right?
The problem with bandwagons........

Kenseth is driving great right now, he and the 17 team as well as Roush have a strong history at the Intermediate tracks like California and Vegas.

Seems like reasonable conservative pick.
The odds favor one of the Roush boys at this track. But watch out for Kyle. Robby has the power and if Kirk can figure out the setup, we know Robby can run with Kyle. So the possibility is there but not the probability!


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