2018 Baja 500

June 2

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@Redshift_engineering … Steven

Congratulations on the finish

RG said on the live feed got flat out beat.... start that far back didnt help. So glad truck finished !!! she slowing getting the bugs back out!!!

Good positive finish but yeah we all know it’s all or nothing for Robby just like always

Thanks everyone for spending the day follow the Baja 500!

So happy to see the truck finished strong.

11th overall.
Good thing the B1K starting position is based on Q at Las Vegas Motor Speedway , SEMA week. 4th might be the worst RG has Q'd there

10th in class, I thought the penalties would be more significant and a chance to have an improved finishing position, buut not so much.

I was thinking the same Mike.

I felt he was going to be around 8th maybe 7th if lucky....guess not...


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