2018 Baja 500

June 2

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....oh crap, looks like Ricky(#6) is at 0MPH.....

What is this hype about Robby and 4wd coming soon????

Haven't heard. But then i don't hang out at Racedezert.

Someone said heard on his twitter account or something..

RG said in interview , his next TT will be light and 4wd. The interview is posted on the Planet somewhere, it's not that old.

Maybe for Dakar not baja

Said it was 4wd trophy truck like Matney.. Something about Cole Potts selling theres to race Robbys. And Robby new 4wd..

It was on instagram.

I believe RG said Geiser and Racer's 1/2 off sale. ;-)

Ok you take one ill take the other.. But mines gonna be Auto tranny Mike.. Kidding

I'm independent of wealth, so not so much ;-)

Looks like Justin Davis might take overall in class 1.. In old chuck hoveys car.. Now he is flying.. Number 185...


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