2018 Baja 500

June 2

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I’m busy, build the thread if you have time ,please

I hope he can get a good run and pass alot of people. Starting 18th sucks but he can do it . I hope

Two pictures are posted on Planet Robby Facebook.

Is Planet Robby no longer covering Robby's off-road ventures? This is all why we came to like him. Please let me know if you have any links I am not seeing.

Thank you,


@Rob, please read my first post in this thread. Mike

No worries, MIke. I understand you're busy. I read it yesterday but figured you were working on it. or TOG. It's been a while since Ive been here. I'll check out Facebook, Twitter and whatever else I can find. The tracker website is not working or they didn't pay for it this year.

Murphy' s law says Robby will win it!

Thanks for all your hard work.


@Rob, TOG will be in Detroit with SST. BAJA will be all on Score’s site. They did a good job for the SF250. Tracking will be up on Saturday for the 3:30am motorbike start, as I understand

Course map

3:30am start time for motorbikes and quads
8:00am start time for TT's, all other class's follow.

for tracking and livestream

Robby's starts 18th

Fresh power plant, ready to go!

What was the guy flopping his gums about?
Top 10 only....something..

I'm guessing ,Rob Mac's guy thought contingency cop. RG having none of it.


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