Is the #7 back on the TT for thee 500? Shows Menzies in the 77 starting 4th. RG In the 7 starting 24th.

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Mike, do you see any spacers ... on either end?

BTW, who prep'd the shocks for the Baja 500?

King's shock specialist
btw, not all shock installation's require 'spacers' , but I'm sure as a chassis fabricator you knew that.
It seems to me Robby is not afraid to use his race trucks (races) for development purposes, like with the Albins transmition. Who knows what his sponsorship deals are? Limited time, balancing innovation, and reliability, he's lucky to be at a point where he can do a little of both. He could buy/ build a Gieser, but that's obiosly not what floats hid boat. But to get personal without knowing the program, and the people involved is uncool.

As I was just searching Scores web-site/media to find unofficial/official anything results.And didn't find anything yet.
I don't actually know if RG DFN'd,
And for sure no one out side of RG and Kellon know everything that happened yesterday/last night, we may never know, it's up to RG if he wish's to tell the story.
If racing was easy everyone would get a trophy ,like your kids soccer team.

Thanks Mike. I was searching too and came up empty. I guess there is a lot of 'figuring things out' to do with all the issues yesterday.

I haven't found anything either

As they say, if it was easy everyone be doing it!

from John Bitten admin at RDC

Thanks Mike.

And? do we know what went wrong?

Nope, no info or rumors even. IMO the RGM guys had other things going on that out weighted DNF info. We may never 'know'
I've not heard rumors of a new TT as someone else posted. Rumor has it a boat was spent preping this TT for the SCORE races.

from someone who sounds like they were at the rm98 stop: "When he stopped at RM 98 he was having a shifter problem, gate or mount, they were trying to fix it with some pit folks there and his team was coming in for repairs."


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