I didn't see this posted anywhere...and I know it usually sucks...but there is a 1 hour Baja 1000 recap on NBC today.

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It sucks. Thanks NBC.

yeah, the last NBC recap was so awful & lopsided. Hopefully todays episode has some coverage of RG

I did see him flash by, once, maybe twice...

my local NBC isn't showing Baja. skiing and pedal bikes here.

You missed it. It was in the first three minutes.

Just kiddin'. First twenty actually.

so not an hour recap. so not much to miss.

Did they really just do a 20 minute 'special' on a 15 hour off-road race? Wow...lol

Yup. And it was actually a focus on the Cops Racing Team and their three buggies. Lame.


Well, that was waste of 20 minutes. I can't wait for the Versus/NBC daily 30 second Dakar recap.

WOW let's hope not WMJ?!?!

Regarding the crappy Baja 1000 coverage, here is the deal on that from Zak Langley (aka COPS)

Just to clear up what happened with the NBC coverage -- Aura 360 came to us like a week before the race, and told us that basically, because sponsors had dropped out, that they wouldn't be doing the 1 hour coverage. They asked us if we'd be willing to contribute footage of our team, because they still had 15 minutes to fill, and they didn't have the time or the money to get a production team together. Because we were planning on filming our team anyway, we offered to give them all of our footage for free. Aura 360 was provided with footage, and they cut and produced this short segment for NBC. That's the real story of this thing. Like everybody else, we'd rather see a full hour of coverage on the thousand. In this case, we did what we could to help Aura 360.


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